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We are happy to host the Freed-Up Financial Living course at times that are suitable for you. This is a free course that serves to help Christians learn how to best manage their finances in order that their finances don't manage them. Please complete the inquiry survey below to let us know when we should provide offerings of this course. 

Inquiry Survey for Freed-Up Financial Living

We hope to offer the Freed-Up Financial Living course to as many people as would be interested. This includes members of GSLC, our Day School families, students/families at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (LTSS), Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) students at USC, and potentially others as well. 

In order to best serve those who would benefit from this, please let us know your preferences for meeting times and locations.

The core course is a six-session class, lasting 1.5 hours or less per session.

There are three sections to this survey:
1. The chance to give your meeting time preferences.
2. The "just let me know when a class is scheduled and I'll try to make it" option
3. The chance to tell us if you are interested in an optional follow-up course.

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Mark the upcoming "season(s)" that work for you to take the six-session core course.


Mark the location(s) that you are willing to drive to in order to take this course.


Mark the days and times that could work for you.

Let us know if you need to clarify any of the boxes you've checked.

Check this box if you want us to inform you of any time a group is scheduled to meet, that way you can join if the time works for you.

These are optional follow-up courses to the core course. Check any that interest you.