Thank You

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Dear Members of Good Shepherd,

Many people share with us comments such as "I can't imagine your workload moving toward Easter, Pastor." We appreciate your thoughtfulness and your acknowledgement that there exists special duties during this time of the year. However, we want to give our thanks and appreciation to so many of this community.

If it were not for the dedication of these scores of individuals and families, then it would be impossible to accomplish the myriad of ministries that we do during this time of the year. Numerous people prepared meals, decorated the Fellowship Hall, performed Altar Guild functions, gave flowers for Easter, hosted LR choir members, decorated the cross, taught Sunday School, tabulated, shared their vocal and musical talents, participated in small groups, assisted leading worship, and then some more. (We are certain that we are forgetting some things!) We are truly thankful for your commitments.

Thank you to those who gave Lenten self-denial offerings. These benefited ministries in our community that assist individuals and families struggling with homelessness: The Family Shelter, Hannah House, Oliver Gospel Mission, and The Women’s Shelter. We pray that this gave added meaning to your Lenten experience.

Thank you also to the staff at Good Shepherd. You are truly dedicated to the ministry of this congregation and keeping Christ central to all that we do. It is a pleasure and honor to serve with you.

Most of all, thank you to those who kept your pastors and your congregation in your prayers. This means more to us than you know. We are very fortunate to be called to serve as the pastors at Good Shepherd, and we want to say thanks for making this a truly wonderful congregation to serve.

Deepest Thanks,

Pastor Paul and Pastor Kris

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