Our Worship

Expectations for Our Worship

You can expect a message of good news of Jesus Christ crucified and risen. This proclamation is evident in our prayers, our songs, our sermons, and the sacraments. Our hope is that you will clearly hear this message of life and grace spoken to and in the midst of the realities of this world that you face daily.

All of our services have worshipers present from all generations. You will be warmly greeted, and Holy Communion is offered at both services every Sunday. The Nursery is open for all worship services on Sundays, as well as for many of our special services.

8:15am Sunday

This worship service is considered to be more casual than our later service. You will find the flow of a traditional liturgy, though slightly condensed, and the accompaniment includes piano and acoustic guitar. 

10:45am Sunday

This worship service keeps more to the traditional liturgical flow of Lutheran worship. A large and excellent choir helps lead worship each week, and one of the best organs in the Midlands area can be heard. Piano and a handbell choir can be heard on occasion.

Special Services

We have special services throughout the year, most notably our series during Advent and Lent. However, there are other one-shot services, like Epiphany. Most of these services have nursery options for children. Please keep an eye on our upcoming events for these special services.

Expectations of Our Worship

Worship is not a spectator event or a form of entertainment; the expectation of our worship is that it is the work of all the people. This means it is not just the pastors or others in leadership roles who say and do things while everyone else observes. Our bulletins (and members sitting near you) will assist you with when it is time for all the people to speak and sing.

No one will force you to sing or speak if you do not wish to do so. (You definitely will not be asked to introduce yourself to the whole congregation.) We hope, however, that you will feel encouraged to give praise to the living God by participating in our collective worship.