Good Shepherd Lutheran Church wants all of its members and friends to be informed of what is taking place in our ministries. This is done through various forms of media in order to reach people in the manner that they prefer. 

Newsletter & Bulletin

The Good Shepherd Staff is the monthly newsletter for the congregation. The newsletter is the best place to find event information, photos, calendar items, and schedules for volunteers. The deadline for submission to the newsletter is always the Monday after the monthly council meeting, which fluctuates around the 20th of each month. This link will take you to the page with links to recent issues.

When you come to worship each week, you will be offered a bulletin that includes many of the announcements and details of upcoming events. If you have any submission questions, please contact Deborah Mitchell in the church office. 


Good Shepherd uses Constant Contact to email its members and friends with a weekly email called "GSLC Needs to Know." There are also occasional reminders about certain events that are given their own email. Also, an email from the office is the most widely used way that we communicate the death of a member. You can follow this link to be taken to a Constant Contact page that will allow you to join our mailing list. If you have any submission questions, please contact Deborah Mitchell in the church office. 

GSLC Emails 

Calling Post

Good Shepherd uses the Calling Post service to send announcements to our members who do not have email addresses. These members will receive a phone call with a pre-recorded message by the pastor. This service is used primarily to make announcements about the death of a member or to make an emergency announcement.

Social Media

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is active on various forms of social media. The links to these can be found at the very bottom of any page on this website. Although this is not the best way to stay informed of all the events in our community, our social media outlets serve as ways to keep our members engaged throughout their week.