The Andover Organ


The members of Good Shepherd recognize the importance music has in the liturgical life of the congregation and recognize the pipe organ is the best instrument to lead congregational singing.

In 1990, as plans were made to build a new larger sanctuary, an organ committee was formed to choose a new organ for this new worship space. Andover Organ Company of Methuen, Massachusetts, was chosen as the builder of this new mechanical-action organ, in part, because of their proposal that gave prepared space for additional pipes. A mechanical-action instrument, one in which the linkage between keys, pedals and pipes is made by wooden “trackers” rather than electrical connections was chosen because this type of action is not only sensitive to the player but historically very durable, often lasting for centuries. Dr. Edmund Shay served as the consultant and also played the Dedication Recital for this new organ. In August, 2006, seven new stops were added and a Hymn Festival was played by Michael D. Costello for the dedication of this addition.


Andover Organ Company
Lawrence, Massachusetts

Opus 105 - 1993
Mechanical action
2 manuals, 27 ranks
25 stops, 1421 pipes




16' Bourdon 8' Violin Diapason 16' Sub Bass 
8' Open Diapason 8' Celeste* 16' Bourdon 
8' Stopped Diapason  8' Gedeckt 8' Principal Bass 
8' Gemshorn*  4' Principal*  4' Choral Bass (Prepared)
4' Octave 4' Spire Flute 16' Trombone 
4' Flute*  2' Octavin  8' Trumpet
2' Fifteenth  2' Recorder 
II-IV Mixture 2 2/3' Nazard* 
8' Trumpet  1 3/5' Tierce* 
Zimbelstern II Mixture 
8' Hautboy 

*Added in 2006