Online Giving

You are able to give toward the ministries of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at anytime with online giving. You can make a one-time gift or you can set up recurring contributions (weekly or monthly). This may be a great way for you to continue to invest in God's ministries at GSLC even if you are unable to attend on particular Sundays.

If you would like to give online, please click on the below link, which will take you to a different website (eservicepayments.com) for you to complete your contribution.




Some reasons to try online giving

  1. Online giving can help your faith. Perhaps you've desired to give God the first fruits of your labor, but you've been frustrated that forgetting your checkbook (or other reasons) has meant that God receives your leftovers. Scheduling your offerings online will likely be the tool you need to faithfully transition to first-fruits giving. Several people at GSLC have already told us that online giving has benefited their faith.
  2. Online giving is easy. If you find that you rarely have cash or checks on you, then online giving is probably the best option for you to invest in ministries that impact lives in the name of Jesus Christ. Good Shepherd encourages you to make your gifts through your checking account (debit), and not with a credit card.
  3. Online giving helps your congregation. The more people who schedule online contributions, the greater percentage of the offerings that the congregation can trust will be present during lean periods.In addition, it allows you to still be invested in the mission of the congregation even if you are unable to attend on a particular Sunday.
  4. Online giving doesn't have to be the only way you give. Perhaps you like to put something in the offering plate (sidebar: you can always place a note in the plate that says "I gave online"). You can have some of your giving done online, and other gifts can be done through the offering plate. This is ideal for those whose income fluctuates each month; the baseline gift can be scheduled online, and additional gifts can be made through the offering plate.

To learn more about faith and giving at Good Shepherd, visit our Giving page.