Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a ministry that is offered by the pastors, but there are several others who provide pastoral care to the members of this congregation.


This is the phone call we make to the one who is having a difficult period in life. This is the visit to the member who no longer is able to drive to the church. This is the gift of prayer for someone who is not able to articulate their prayers at this time.

Lay Visitation and Home Communion

There is a visitation team of lay members who meets with the pastors once a month to share updates regarding members who are not able to attend worship on Sunday mornings. This team works with the pastors to make sure that everyone is visited frequently. 

Loving Threads

The Loving Threads group began as a small group to share knitting and crochet techniques. They continue to meet for fellowship, but the members have also taken on the task of creating prayer shawls for members who are undergoing long-term treatments or coping with the recent death of a loved-one. 

Pastor Visits

The pastors enjoy making the time to visit with members and prospective members simply to grow in relationship with them. Yet, sometimes these visits are due to a celebration (e.g. the birth of a child, the blessing of a new home). Of course, the pastors will make visits when someone is in the hospital, preparing for surgery, or dealing with the loss of a loved one. Please contact the pastors or the church office if you are in need of a pastoral visit.

Pastor Conversations

The pastors are willing to have conversations with members who are weighed done by a burden. This burden can be a sin that troubles them, a relationship that is torn, a path for the future that is unclear, and the list certainly goes on. These conversations remain confidential. If you have need for one of these conversations, please contact one of the pastors to schedule a time.