Our community recognizes that our children are an integral part and asset of the church today; their value is not limited to the future. Our goal is to help our children be true disciples of Jesus Christ at this stage in life and in their future stages by building relationships with them, being examples for them, and teaching them God’s Word. 

Our comprehensive children’s ministry program reaches across all developmental stages and strives to always incorporate our children into the broader ministry of the church. Our goal is to help our children develop a stronger faith and to know that they are unconditionally accepted in this family of faith.


The nursery is open for parents to take their small children during worship service. The space is available but not staffed. Parents are invited to take their children to play. For your convenience a TV is provided to watch a live stream of the worship service. Please make yourself at home and pick up toys before leaving. For your safety, the Education Building is locked. Please see an usher to open the door if you do not have a key.

Young Family Ministry (YFM)

Children aged 3 years to 2nd grade

The Young Family Ministry (YFM) group shares many fellowship activities with the youngest members of the church. In addition, this group participates in our Advent Family Night, Easter Celebration, Vacation Bible School, and Halloween Carnival. Our 3- to 5-year-olds participate in a beginning music ministry at the start of the Sunday School hour, and 1st and 2nd graders begin singing with the children's choir.

God's Young Followers (GYF)

3rd to 5th grade

The focus of our GYF program is to help young children explore their faith through Bible study, singing, retreats, service projects, and other types of group activities that are both fun and formational. We encourage parents of this age group to take turns leading and chaperoning events.

We encourage this age-group to have a more active role in discovering and expressing their own faith through Sunday School, singing in the children's choir, assisting with worship leadership on special Sundays, participating in organized activities and outings, and attending a yearly youth conference designed specifically for children their same age. Most children begin their first communion instruction while in the GYF group and also have the option of attending summer camp at Lutheridge or Lutherock.